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Brand storytelling: Inspiration, not emulation

In July 2020, Forbes published an insightful article on the power of brand storytelling in an innovation culture. “When people hear stories all their sense are engaged,” Forbes contributor Tendayi Viki writes. “Facts and data area easier to retain when presented in story form.” He makes a compelling case for stories as a tool to quell fears and doubts about new ideas.

Viki offers one major caveat: Using stories from outside your organization can dilute their impact. If you use a success story from a behemoth like Facebook to make your point – and you happen to be a small logistics provider or a mid-sized biotech firm – you run the risk of alienating your audience because the story isn’t relatable.

Own your brand story

To craft a narrative that will motivate and inspire people, keep it close to home. In short, tell your own stories, not someone else’s. The added benefit? You can more easily adapt how you tell stories based on the medium and the audience. Share details and insights about the honest moments, the ups and downs, that make your stories authentic and human.

Broaden your perspective

Your brand storytelling can include stories about the company founding, the genesis of your mission and vision, and the evolution of the brand. These are unique and valuable stories, but they’re not the beginning and end of your brand narrative. Your peers’ contributions, your community and industry, geopolitical events, and even your company’s pre-history all play fascinating parts in the larger narrative. Invite others to share their perspectives.

Make those stories a part of your culture and messaging, and internal innovation and external engagement will soar.

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