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How writing well translates in 2021

The way we communicate with one another has changed fundamentally since early 2020. Meetings that once occupied fluorescent-lit conference rooms now occur via Zoom. Collaboration and decision-making take place electronically. We depend more on email, chat, and even old-fashioned mail and phone calls. The emergence of new social platforms might lead us to believe that…

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Tear down those walls between SMEs and writers

The delicate relationship between subject-matter experts (SMEs) and writers is the stuff of legends. SMEs know the subject matter, which is often complex or highly technical, and writers know how to write. Or at least that’s the prevailing narrative. For copywriters and technical writers in corporate settings, SMEs are an important gatekeeper. They can often…


7 simple hacks to improve your writing

Whether you’re an entry-level copywriter or a C-suite executive, the quest to improve your writing is never-ending (even if, at times, you’d like to pretend otherwise). Sometimes, when the bulk of your writing takes the form of email correspondence, taglines, or bullet points in a presentation, it’s tempting to stop at good enough – an…