Corporate storytelling

Your brand story, in real time

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, it is clearer than ever that your brand story is the key to success amid a never-ending onslaught of information and ideas.

Let’s be clear: Brand stories are not fairy tales. The handsome prince doesn’t always save the day, and the wicked witch doesn’t always go up in smoke.

In fact, for any growing business, the brand story doesn’t have an ending. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell it.

The innovative art of storytelling

Experts and pundits have spilled plenty of ink regarding the value of corporate storytelling. Forbes calls it a vital ingredient in an innovation culture. The Bulleit Group acknowledges that using stories in marketing is part of a long tradition that will continue to evolve for future generations. Annette Simmons, author of The Story Factor, has long nurtured the idea that stories aren’t just a way to influence people but “a way to gain a deeper, more inclusive, and ultimately more useful point of view.”

In 2020, that’s a powerful sentiment. We live in a time when consumers demand honesty and transparency from brands. They also seek out brands that share their values. Companies are examining the social and political landscape—indeed, they’re a part of it—and asking tough questions about their identity and culture, knowing that their success depends on people’s trust and loyalty.

Is this part of a company’s brand story? Yes. Is it sensitive stuff that’s difficult to encapsulate? For sure. But that doesn’t mean you put storytelling on hold till you’ve figured it all out.

An outward expression of growth

To put it plainly, people respond to what’s real and human. There’s nothing more real and human than figuring out our place in today’s cultural landscape. Capture it in real time. Own it and share it. Because leadership isn’t only about big ideas and a-ha moments. It’s about growth, change, and the ability to recognize growth and change in others.

People will recognize and respond to these leadership qualities. However, to truly stand out, share the story of how you grew and changed—how you’re still growing and changing. It’s just one more vital and compelling way to differentiate your brand.

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