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Who’s your chief executive storyteller?

Your chief executive storyteller should be the person who knows your brand best. He or she is someone who can inspire loyalty among consumers and employees, and can paint vivid portraits of what you do: what, where, why, and for whom.

Your chief executive storyteller should be your CEO or founder.

Not all company leaders are gifted storytellers. But storytelling ability isn’t an either-or proposition, like singing or Olympic diving. It’s something anyone can learn and do. Every CEO must be able to tell compelling stories about their organization’s past and present. It’s not about conveying the importance of a particular policy or practice. It’s not even about crafting a legacy. It’s about setting the tone for all other content and communications, giving people the ingredients they need for a robust content strategy, and ensuring that world-class communications are a leading factor in the company’s success.

The idea of CEO as chief executive storyteller is not new. It’s rooted in ancient storytelling passed down through generations in cultures around the world. The oral tradition continues today, with a contemporary twist, in podcasts. It’s still present among many other media that are continually evolving in the digital age. Long after today’s technology is obsolete, our stories will remain. Let’s make them good.

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