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Plan, don’t predict, your 2021 content strategy

The year 2020 is nearly over, and not a moment too soon. Experts are predicting another tumultuous year for brands and content marketing. These predictions reflect months of unease, as well as the rapid-by-necessity reframing of the sales funnel (and sometimes business models as a whole). But are they helpful when it comes to content…

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Why thought leadership?

Let’s put aside the idea that the term thought leadership could be perceived as trendy 2020 jargon. Focus instead on how vital it is for brands to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Brand storytelling is one way to do this. Thought leadership is another. Success is no accident Your brand is growing because you…

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Brand storytelling: Inspiration, not emulation

In July 2020, Forbes published an insightful article on the power of brand storytelling in an innovation culture. “When people hear stories all their sense are engaged,” Forbes contributor Tendayi Viki writes. “Facts and data area easier to retain when presented in story form.” He makes a compelling case for stories as a tool to…

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Your brand story, in real time

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, it is clearer than ever that your brand story is the key to success amid a never-ending onslaught of information and ideas. Let’s be clear: Brand stories are not fairy tales. The handsome prince doesn’t always save the day, and the wicked witch doesn’t always…