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Thought leadership: Beyond the buzzwords

We’ve talked at length about how thought leadership can benefit organizations of all sizes. When developed and executed with care, thought leadership can strengthen company culture, add depth and authority to an enterprise content strategy, and provide a platform for big, innovative ideas. All these considerations aside, thought leadership still has an uphill climb. It’s…


What thought leaders can learn from presidents

Thought leaders are made through innovation. However, everyone has role models – people who influenced and inspired them as they cultivated new ideas and brought them to life. In honor of Presidents’ Day, we’re taking a look at US presidents’ communication styles and what we can learn from them. They use emerging media to reach…

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Is writing a lost skill, or brands’ salvation?

It’s time for a confession. We hate writing. Too often, it’s slow, arduous, and painful. The pain is compounded by the pressure that comes with knowing someone else might see – and judge – what we’ve written. This confession may come as a surprise. At Consummate Prose Consulting, we’ve been writing (and editing) for decades.…