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How writing well translates in 2021

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We’re bombarded with ways to connect with people digitally. Is writing still relevant? Actually, more than ever. Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

The way we communicate with one another has changed fundamentally since early 2020. Meetings that once occupied fluorescent-lit conference rooms now occur via Zoom. Collaboration and decision-making take place electronically. We depend more on email, chat, and even old-fashioned mail and phone calls.

The emergence of new social platforms might lead us to believe that old-school skills are headed toward extinction faster than ever. However, the opposite is true. We’re bombarded with messages every day from every perceivable corner of the digital world. It’s more important than ever to make clear, effective communication the sharpest tool in our arsenal.

When investing in skills development for yourself or your team, consider these factors.

People are impatient

You have mere seconds to make an impression on anyone. That goes for strangers on the internet as well as people you know and interact with on the regular. Focus less on showcasing your big ideas and more on conveying a point clearly and efficiently. Thinking like a writer is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Never forget

“End Meeting for All” isn’t the end of the conversation. We need the tools to sustain ideas and create shared understanding so that we can take action effectively. We must preserve meeting content, for certain. Not everyone hears or remembers the same things.

Just as teachers understand that not all students have the same learning styles, not all employees have the same retention styles.

Keep records of everything, to start. But also know that it will take more than a single impression to get the results you want. Treat your team like stakeholders (because they are). Listen to their responses, and adjust your communication style to meet their needs.

Reflect and grow

Sometimes communication is a conversation with yourself. Ideas aren’t born fully formed. They require research, collaboration, and comprehension. Adapt the 2020 “self-care” mantra for your work and your interactions with others by putting your thoughts on paper before sharing them.

Take more time and care with other written content – emails, blog posts, reports, and presentations – by self-editing. Weigh your ideas critically. Some might need more time to gestate. Others could grow into your next key innovation.


Writing doesn’t need to be a necessary evil that’s tiresome and pedantic. It’s an exercise in understanding, which ties directly to your business goals. Contact Consummate Prose today to learn more about how we can help your team members refine their writing skills for the benefit of objectives across platforms and disciplines.

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