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How a content strategy helps build your brand and your bottom line

In business, as in chess, strategy is paramount. Make content strategy part of your overall business strategy. Photo by Nicolas Brulois on Unsplash

Most entrepreneurs and marketers understand what they need to do to increase their brand’s visibility. However, the why and how often get lost in the mix.

An effective content strategy can help.

Some commentators suggest that volume and frequency are the most important elements of successful content marketing. They overlook a number of crucial factors, including brand awareness, business objectives, lead mapping, and content quality and consistency.

It’s fair to suggest that we’re walking on shifting sand here. Audience needs and preferences are continually changing. It’s tempting to simply throw content out there and see what sticks. But that makes it more difficult to understand why content succeeded or how to calculate your content’s ROI.

Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your content contributes to your success.

Start with your goals

Ask yourself: Why are you creating content? What do you want to accomplish? Which goals are highest priority? It’s easy to get lost in the details or intent on checking content off your to-do list for the day. Make sure your team knows where the goalposts stand – and if you move them, don’t forget to tell people.

Pay attention to brand voice

As your brand grows, content marketing duties will be spread out among a growing number of people. Capture your brand voice in a brand book and/or style guide. It’s a bible for how you express yourself. Leaders and established employees should refer to it often, and new people should digest its contents before writing a single word.

Revisit your brand book every year to determine whether any standards for tone, voice, and style need refreshing. Make it a living document that’s easy to use, and your content will thrive.

Pay attention to your audiences

Marketing tools for defining audiences abound. Make sure your whole team understands who they’re writing for and how you arrived at these customer personas. This may require a bit more time and preparation than simply handing copywriters a project brief. Trust us – it’ll pay lasting dividends.

These and numerous other intangibles lead to very tangible content-driven results. Don’t let an “are we there yet?” mentality drive your content strategy. Take the time to craft a strategy – collaboratively –  that people can understand easily and use daily. It’s the best way to prove the value of your content and content creators, today and in the future.

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