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Context: The one thing you can’t afford to ignore

Fifty-one percent of companies reported that their top content marketing challenge in 2020 was creating content that generates quality leads. Leads and conversions are key success metrics for content marketing. How can content marketing work without great content? Success happens when the right content reaches the right audience at the right time. The ultimate goal…

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Is writing a lost skill, or brands’ salvation?

It’s time for a confession. We hate writing. Too often, it’s slow, arduous, and painful. The pain is compounded by the pressure that comes with knowing someone else might see – and judge – what we’ve written. This confession may come as a surprise. At Consummate Prose Consulting, we’ve been writing (and editing) for decades.…

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Investing in content in 2021

In content marketing, change is constant. COVID-19 accelerated the rate of change and required companies to radically alter how they market and sell their products and engage with their customers. In 2021, executives expect to work even harder to survive and thrive. Surveys reveal that company leaders plan to make big changes to meet customers’…

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Lead thoughtfully in 2021

New year, new leaf. That’s how it typically goes. But no one can deny that we all have a bit of a 2020 hangover that isn’t likely to go away with a couple of aspirin. The concerns of 2020 are sticking with us, and as such, our business goals can’t ignore that trials of the…

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The story of 2020: Connecting past and future

Crisis breeds opportunity. The year 2020 was evidence of this as brands connected with audiences in unprecedented ways, with new messages and new goals. It was a scramble, for sure. The companies that performed best were the ones that already had a strong identity and the energy and resources to share that identity in novel…

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Content strategy in 2021: What “human” means

Countless experts are weighing in on how brands must build a content strategy in this fragile age. They are largely in agreement that brand messaging must be “human” and “empathetic.” This notion shouldn’t be revolutionary, but somehow it is. Perhaps brand gurus are acknowledging that until now, the expression of their brand identity was canned,…