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How writing well translates in 2021

The way we communicate with one another has changed fundamentally since early 2020. Meetings that once occupied fluorescent-lit conference rooms now occur via Zoom. Collaboration and decision-making take place electronically. We depend more on email, chat, and even old-fashioned mail and phone calls. The emergence of new social platforms might lead us to believe that…

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Thought leadership: Beyond the buzzwords

We’ve talked at length about how thought leadership can benefit organizations of all sizes. When developed and executed with care, thought leadership can strengthen company culture, add depth and authority to an enterprise content strategy, and provide a platform for big, innovative ideas. All these considerations aside, thought leadership still has an uphill climb. It’s…

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Content strategy history and thoughts on its future

Content strategy is the term we use to describe the creation and distribution of content, including written and multimedia material. It came into widespread use in the late 1990s, when the internet provided a new platform for content with unprecedented reach. However, content strategy’s history is much longer, and much more compelling, than the history…

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What’s your business narrative?

We believe in the power of the business narrative. If you tell a compelling story, chances are you’ll pique people’s curiosity and eventually win their trust. That’s why so many brands and businesses rely on stories to grow their audiences, build loyalty, and, yes, sell something. But how do you craft a narrative for your…