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Content strategy history and thoughts on its future

Content strategy is the term we use to describe the creation and distribution of content, including written and multimedia material. It came into widespread use in the late 1990s, when the internet provided a new platform for content with unprecedented reach. However, content strategy’s history is much longer, and much more compelling, than the history…

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Where thought leadership and content marketing intersect

Thought leadership and content marketing are both marketing niches. Thought leadership refers to the contribution of new and innovative ideas to a public and/or industry dialogue. Content marketing is the strategic framework for creating and distributing content. The former is conceptual; the latter is extremely tactical. Because of this distinction, the two niches should not…

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7 must-read books for content strategists

As content strategists, we breathe, eat, and sleep content. It’s hard to escape our vocation as content creators and analysts when the world is saturated with content. However, sometimes we need to step outside the ring and look critically at the art and science of content strategy, gathering inspiration from a variety of sources (and…

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What 2020 can tell us about content in 2021

We’ve said before that the best way to greet 2021 is to plan, not predict, for the future. A key part of planning? Taking a good, hard look at the events of 2020 and how they affected consumer behaviors. Today, we’re looking at some particularly astute observations about brands and consumers and how these observations…

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2020 holiday messaging: Don’t kid yourself

The marketing experts are out in full force with ideas for clever marketing strategies and cheery brand messaging this holiday season. It seems that many have taken their ideas from a past holiday season, slapped “2020” in the headline, and republished them as something new and enticing. Let’s be honest. We’re all eager for a…

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Are blogs dead? 5 things to think about

Are blogs dead? The short answer is “no.” Like Paul McCartney in 1969, blogs are very much alive, and they have a long and fruitful life ahead of them. However, skeptics love to question the value of various digital platforms in turn, which has the added benefit of keeping us all on our toes. Blogs…

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Hitting you in the feels: Holiday brand storytelling

Regardless of your family traditions or religious background, the holiday season is loaded with meaning, and brands worldwide work overtime to capitalize on that. However, not every holiday-related brand storytelling campaign tugs on the proverbial heartstrings. Some disappear without a trace – or elicit jeers from the cheap seats. How can brands be real, compelling,…

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Who needs a content strategy?

Startups and other young companies with small teams might view content marketing as a one-two punch: Have a great idea, then publish it, usually on a social media channel. That might work when your operation is small. But what happens when you grow? Adding even one more person to your team or one more priority…

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Creating great content in the 21st century

The nuts and bolts of producing great content—brainstorming, writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting, to say nothing of review and approval—rarely get the attention they deserve. Arguably, these steps are too far in the weeds for many who would rather focus on big ideas and finished products. Why is this the case? For starters, corporate culture…


Why Consummate Prose?

Any accomplished writer will agree that wordplay must be handled with care. Puns for the sake of puns elicit little more than a groan. Wordplay must work on more than one level. In fact, it must work on any level. It is in this spirit that we came up with “Consummate Prose.” Let’s start with…