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Who needs a content strategy?

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A strategy is your road map for successful content that drives business results. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Startups and other young companies with small teams might view content marketing as a one-two punch: Have a great idea, then publish it, usually on a social media channel. That might work when your operation is small. But what happens when you grow? Adding even one more person to your team or one more priority to your already-busy schedule can shift your equilibrium. Suddenly, creating and sharing content spontaneously is harder and riskier.

Who needs a content strategy? Everyone.

A content strategy adds momentum

Producing high-quality content that helps you meet your business goals might seem intuitive. In reality, it requires structure, consistency, and buy-in from key stakeholders. For this to happen, your content strategy can’t live inside your head: It must come to life as a well-articulated plan that aligns with your goals. Formalizing your content strategy will increase awareness of the value of content and provide a blueprint for content that is consistent, creative, and engaging.

A content strategy doesn’t simply make the case for more and better-quality content. It also empowers your team to produce content that yields results. In that regard, it is your secret weapon for scaling your business.

A content strategy builds credibility

Raise your hand if you’ve launched a blog, posted a couple of entries, and then got too busy and/or forgot all about it.

We’ve all been there. The playing field’s even; no one’s immune. Here’s how a content strategy can help.

  • It increases accountability. It positions content marketing as a vital part of your business and identity, not simply a task or a necessary evil.
  • A strategy conveys purpose. If the only goal is to “put something out there,” it would be difficult for anyone to stay motivated. Tether your content to your brand identity, your value proposition, and your goals. Share data with your content team so they know what works and what doesn’t.

A content strategy is evolutionary

“Strategy” does not equal “rules.” In fact, a great strategy leaves room for growth and change as the business evolves. If, as noted above, you’re capturing data on your content’s performance, you’re in a terrific position to demonstrate flexibility while staying true to who you are. High-quality content is non-negotiable, but how, when, and where you use that content adds substance, nuance, and authenticity to your brand.

What is your content strategy? Consummate Prose can help you refine your brand’s content strategy or help you build one from scratch. Contact us today to get started.

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