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Anything but fiction

Don’t think of your brand story as something that gathers dust on a library shelf. It’s a narrative with a new chapter being written every day. Photo by ?? Janko Ferlič on Unsplash.

At Consummate Prose, we use the word “storytelling” a lot to talk about brand development and expression. But don’t be fooled into thinking that these stories somehow involve something fictional, shallow, or fairytale-ish.

Storytelling is how we make sense of the world. It uncovers truths that are sometimes difficult to understand, and it conveys them in a way that is both moving and memorable.

That’s why we don’t just think of storytelling as a way to frame content. It’s also a way to shape your brand identity, to create shared understanding and excitement about that identity, and to comprehend change as it happens.

Here’s a look at some key elements of story structure — twists and turns that you’ll find in any great movie or paperback page-turner — that can help you, your stakeholders, and your customers understand your brand journey.

The Call of Adventure

Why did you launch your company? Was it a personal decision, or did someone else influence you? Was it a happy accident or an urgent call? The answers to these questions and others offer unique insights into your brand DNA and offer unparalleled opportunities for brand differentiation.

Crossing the First Threshold

What was your first big risk? What was on the line when you took this risk? What were your fears, and what kept you moving forward? Who crossed the threshold with you, and why? Your vulnerabilities are strengths when it comes to brand identity and messaging. They’re honest, intriguing, and relatable. Don’t shy away from them.

The Ordeal

Every brand faces “the biggest test.” In this part of the story, you’re confronting your greatest fears head-on, whether they involve an internal conflict or an external antagonist. It’s a critical moment. If you pass the test, your transformation from ordinary protagonist to hero has begun.


What have you learned? Every lesson you’ve experienced up to this point will come to bear in this climactic chapter. It’s clear that you’re in the fight of your life—like Rocky, or Buffy, or Frodo. Your triumph might suggest “happily ever after,” but in reality, it merely signals a new beginning.

The stories of growing and successful brands are works in progress, with new chapters being written every day. In the midst of this, your origin story is key to developing a robust brand with a strong value proposition and a compelling message.

Building a brand identity around your brand story is one of the most meaningful, nuanced, resonant things you can do for your company. If you’re ready to answer this call of adventure, contact us today.

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