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Words we love to hate (and a few we love)

As we close the door on 2020, we’d also like to close the door on 2020 jargon. We’re passionate anti-jargon activists, but we’re aware that jargon is a touchy subject and a moving target. Terms that come into common use create shared understanding and experience, providing a valuable communication shortcut. However, overuse dilutes their meaning,…

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7 strategies for defeating writer’s block

Writer’s block is real, and everyone has an opinion about it. Maybe that’s because even respected veteran writers battle it – to say nothing of the junior copywriter facing a deadline and a pissed-off manager. Potential solutions abound. But many of them boil down to personal accountability and initiative, and writer’s block strikes equally among…

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Why writing workshops matter

“Clarity in business writing is not a luxury.” –Richard Branson Writing is an indispensable skill, but it’s one we all do battle with. It’s the bane of every college student’s existence — even those who have an aptitude for it. That dread doesn’t expire when they have degrees in hand. This anti-writing mindset has inevitably…

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Creating great content in the 21st century

The nuts and bolts of producing great content—brainstorming, writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting, to say nothing of review and approval—rarely get the attention they deserve. Arguably, these steps are too far in the weeds for many who would rather focus on big ideas and finished products. Why is this the case? For starters, corporate culture…