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Why thought leadership?

Let’s put aside the idea that the term thought leadership could be perceived as trendy 2020 jargon. Focus instead on how vital it is for brands to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Brand storytelling is one way to do this. Thought leadership is another.

Success is no accident

Your brand is growing because you have something unique to offer. Years of toil and and hard-won battles add up to expertise. Tap that expertise to show others a new perspective on problems that they, perhaps, haven’t solved yet. Thought leadership pays forward success.

Here are a few qualities of thought leaders who have started – and transformed – these conversations.

  1. Badass. Bozoma Saint John tore up the pavement at global brands including Uber, Netflix, and Apple before creating The Badass Workshop.
  2. Former dot-com entrepreneur Seth Godin is probably one of the best-known marketing experts in the world, and he’s everywhere. In addition to authoring 19 bestsellers on marketing, he’s a public speaker, podcaster, and workshop facilitator.
  3. Christiana Riley is the first woman CEO of Deutsche Bank Americas and wants others to shatter barriers, as well: She’s a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  4. Why do we still quote people like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr.? They told timeless truths without resorting to dry dissertations or tedious lectures.
  5. Women like Brene Brown and Oprah Winfrey go big. As a result, millions of fans around the world feel seen. This is influence at its most powerful.

Above all, thought leaders are experts at writing, speaking, and presenting innovative ideas in fresh and compelling ways.

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