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Words matter: Brand language imperatives

When words fail us, a thesaurus can open up new worlds of possibility. Photo by ?? Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

As we observe brands in action every day, it’s easy to think “Hey, I could do that” or “What a disaster!” and consider how we might do something differently. But in practice, building a brand and brand language that inspire trust and loyalty takes effort, insight, and patience. This work often collides with mitigating factors including team misalignment, fuzzy business goals, and execution roadblocks.

Amid change, a few branding constants

In their observations of brand triumphs and faux pas, industry commentators highlight a few imperatives that are unchanging even as audience tastes and expectations change. Here’s a look at a few key insights.

1. The language you use matters. A 2017 study by Wunderman found that the words that brands use have a “vital impact” on whether consumers view them as best in class.

2. Don’t just sound real; be real. Brands that are authentic, consistent, and human are more likely to form long-lasting relationships with customers. The best way to accomplish this? Don’t look at marketing and other communications as rote requirements to be handled by a social media manager. Make them part of your identity and culture. Create a guide to your brand voice, to ensure all internal and external communications are a reflection of your mission and values.

3. Be accessible. Stand out by producing content people want to read. Make it powerful and brief. Make it flawless. Listen to your audiences, and show them you’re listening.

4. Work collaboratively. Your people help make up your brand identity. They live it and express it every day. Invite them to participate in the process of crafting and refining your brand identity and brand voice. Provide training (and cross-training) to build expertise and enthusiasm.

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